Hair dye

JoCos GmbH is your expert in hair color – whether classic or innovative, whether color refreshing, permanent coloring or bleaching. We offer all-round consulting and our know-how to develop your tailor-made product. With over 30 years of experience, our research and development experts are there to support you as partners.

Dyeing hair - much more than covering gray hair

45% of the German-speaking population aged 14+ dyes their hair with permanent colorants. (Statista, 2023) When women aged 30 and over are considered in isolation, the proportion is likely to be even more significant. Covering gray hair is known to be one of the main reasons to resort to hair dye. But coloring hair is much more than hiding the signs of aging. To change the hair color and choose self-determined is a way of life. Don’t we all love the occasional type change?

We develop your own brand range according to your wishes and offer you versatile and innovative coloration systems in premium quality.

"Hair coloring is more than gray hair coverage these days. It expresses one's own personality and boosts self-esteem. With our high-quality products of all durability levels, we support our customers in conjuring up the hair color of their dreams easily and inexpensively at home."

Sabine Janker
Product Manager

From permanent hair dye to Tinting shampoo - Our portfolio

Color refreshing level 1: Products such as tinting mousse, color strengthener or even color shampoos are ideal for refreshing and intermediate treatment of already colored hair. These products work without oxidation – the color particles deposit on the surface of the hair and are completely gone from the hair after 1 – 2 hair washes.

Temporary hair coloring: the color disappears after 1-5 hair washes. It is based on the physical adhesion of the color particles to the hair. A color change that does not require oxidation.

Semi-permanent hair coloring level 2 (intensive tint): An intensive tint ranges between a permanent hair color and a tint and can last up to 24 hair washes. Intensive tints require the addition of an oxidizing agent (hydrogen peroxide).

Permanent hair coloring level 3 (hair dye): in classic hair color, also called oxidation color or hair dye, the color pigments are chemically bonded to the hair and locked in. Lightening by up to 3 shades is possible. They do not wash out and are durable. This coloration is ideal for gray hair coverage.

Bleaching: With bleaching, the hair is deprived of its natural pigments and no color pigments are added. A lightening of 3-6 shades can be achieved with this.

Innovative + High Quality: Our Production

Our partners for the development, production and filling of hair colorants are located in Germany and Italy. The formulations originate from the hairdressing sector and consistently guarantee first-class color results with the best durability criteria.

Numbers and facts

  • Specialized in colorations of all durability levels
  • Fully automated production lines
  • Capacity of over 100 million units per year
  • Chemical, microbiological and packaging technology
    Quality assurance in state-of-the-art production laboratories
  • GMP ISO 22716 Certification
  • ISO 9001 Certification

Flexible + Reliable: Our logistics

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer our customers tailor-made logistics solutions. Through close cooperation with our partners, we find the optimal transport routes to ensure fast and reliable delivery.

Our main goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and provide them with maximum flexibility and quality. We rely on flexible logistics within Germany and Europe to meet the needs of our customers. A rolling production schedule allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to changes in demand.

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