The JoCos Team

JoCos GmbH consists of a talented group of professionals who stand out for their creativity, expertise and innovative spirit. We love taking on new challenges and pushing our limits again and again.

We are a dedicated, young and experienced team with a dash of craziness and a touch of humor. When it comes to implementing products and new developments with passion and imagination, we are the perfect mix of seriousness and fun!

Our team chemistry is really something special. Each of us brings unique strengths and talents, from product management and marketing to logistics and quality assurance. When we put our heads together, magical moments are created where ideas bubble and innovations come to life.

But hey, we’re not just serious workhorses! We know how to have a good dose of fun too. There is always a pleasant-positive atmosphere in our office. We share not only success, but also a joke or two and the craziest anecdotes. Because we firmly believe that a relaxed and fun environment inspires creativity and brings out the best ideas.

In our team introduction we would like to invite you to get to know us better. Be inspired by our energy, our inventiveness and our common goal to enrich the world with innovative solutions. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and look forward to breaking new ground and shaping the future together.

Sarah Arelic
Fun Fact: Was in cheerleading for 11 years

Joachim Fetzer
Managing Director

Passionate golfer with handicap level “too much”

Patrick Fetzer
Brand Keralock
Fun Fact: Worked for Disney in Florida °o°

Tino Friedel
Distribution Keralock
Winter sports and clocks – his passions after work

Kristina Hess
Order processing
Fun Fact: Former Bavarian Champion in Trampoline Gymnastics

Sabine Höß
Product Management
Fun Fact: A part of my wardrobe consists of self-sewn own creations
Sabine Janker
Product Management
Motto: Keep Calm & Do Yoga
Stephanie Jobst
Product Management
Coffee – what else? Our team barista

Reinhard Kraus

Confessed globetrotter & pilgrim of the Way of St. James

Marion Moosburger
Brand Keralock
Fun Fact: Met most of the team at a party

Alexander Polster
Quality assurance
Fun Fact: Was called ‘explanatory bear’ in school

Cornelia Riechmann
Assistant to the Management
“Secretary, because superheroine is not an official job title”.

Bernhard Ruf
Managing Director

Rocks first the cosmetics and then the stage

Alexandra Ullritz
Fun Fact: Likes to sing in her spare time

"Fun, motivation and fresh ideas in solving our daily challenges are the factors of our success. I look forward every day to working with our young and experienced team and creating new things together."

Bernhard Ruf
Managing Director

Fancy a place on our team?

Unfortunately, we currently have no open positions available. However, we are always happy to receive your unsolicited application.

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