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From the idea to the shelf -

For customized private labels and store brands of the highest quality

Aerosol Products

Can aerosols be sustainable? Yes, they can! We prefer to use nitrogen as a climate-friendly propellant for deodorant sprays. Antiperspirant deodorants may also reduce sweat without aluminum salts. Shower gels, shaving gels and foams have the highest possible Natural Index. Our productions can realize traditional aerosol products as well as two-chamber aerosols in Bag-On-Valve system. Also natural cosmetics with Natrue-
Certification is possible and has already been realized by us. Your health is close to our heart: medical products such as seawater nasal sprays shorten colds or icing sprays relieve you of
from unpleasant warts. Health protection includes proper protection from UVA and UVB radiation with our SPF 30 or SPF 50 sunscreen sprays.

Insect repellent

The mosquito is the deadliest animal in the world. Tropical mosquitoes are feeling increasingly at home in Europe. Also the tick
continues to spread and transmit diseases such as TBE and Lyme disease. The right protection can save lives. Our broad portfolio of repellents offers the right product for every need. Long-lasting pump sprays with the active ingredient icaridine and active boosters are also part of the range, as are formulations suitable for allergy sufferers that have been tested by the DAAB. For those who like natural products, we also offer products with EC oil, the active ingredient from the leaves of lemon eucalyptus. Too late to protect yourself? Instantly reduce your itching and help speed healing with our innovative After Bite products.

Hair dye

Change type, experiment, cover gray hair: With our hair dyes it’s even more fun! Products for short refreshing coloration are just as much part of the range as permanent hair colors and all levels in between. The hair color should be gentle? With special formulas we care for the hair already during coloring and bring back the hair strength. The paint should smell pleasant? It also works without ammonia. For healthy hair and a fresh look, nourishing products such as toning conditioners and glosses. Oxidation colors or even direct-pull colorations offer the durability you desire. Our developers are passionate about continuously expanding the color selection and creating an innovative range that is gentle on hair and skin.

Competence has many faces - Our team

Fresh ideas, expertise and the constant desire to discover new things. This best describes the TEAM of JoCos. We draw on over 40 years of experience in product development, production and distribution of personal care and styling products. Together with you, we implement innovative, up-to-date and sustainable products and advise you on all aspects of our and your product range. Proven as well as latest product ideas are implemented in the plants by experienced product managers in cooperation with the development department. Our logistics experts take over the goods from the ramps and deliver them punctually and reliably to your central warehouses.

Quality Management & Sustainability

We produce in specialized and modern structured factories and guarantee smooth and fast realization of the desired products.
The certified quality management ensures the quality of the products as well as the complete traceability throughout the entire supply chain. We pay particular attention to sustainability right from the product idea stage. Starting with the use of suitable raw materials, through recyclates in packaging, to energy-efficient manufacturing units, we review all segments of a product and focus on the
most environmentally friendly alternatives. We believe that sustainability can be achieved through innovative product ideas and competitive
price levels can be paired.

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